Friday, July 20, 2018

Happy Feet Friday

Of all the stars in the pantheon of American jazz, perhaps no one was more versatile than Benny Carter. Master of the alto saxophone, clarinet, trumpet and piano, composer, arranger, band leader and talented sideman, and ultimately a music educator, Carter was professionally active for over 60 years. Here he is, from 1946, leading his band in a performance or Rebop Boogie.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Socialism explained

Via The People's Cube, here's an actual attempt by a socialist to sell the system. It is bold, clear, succinct and idiotic.

As noted at the Cube, "A Progressive is someone pretending to not be a Socialist. A Socialist is someone pretending to not be a Communist. A Communist is someone pretending to not be a dangerously brutal, lying, primitive, murdering thug."

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Et up with the dumbass

As a friend's father once said of Arab militants in the Middle East.

The newest Palestinian weapon? "Arson birds".

In the midst of all the NeverTrumpist noise...

...I always turn to Kurt Schlichter, who never disappoints:
Donald Trump goes to Europe, scandalizes the Euroweenies, libs, and cruise-shilling grifters of Never Trump, and comes back victorious. He’s about to get his second SCOTUS justice confirmed – all they have on Brett Kavanaugh is that he likes beer and is named “Brett.” In Congress, the Democrats decided to go all in on abolishing ICE because Americans love open borders and welcome MS-13 or something. In the Mueller farce, the Dems decided that the smart play was to publicly run interference for creepy weirdo Peter Strzok when he went on national TV doing his impression of Lotion Boy from Silence of the Lambs.

Hey Pete, what do those Trump voters smell like? Smells like a red wave to me, you insipid weirdo.

Out and about in Brunswick County

We had to go to the "big city" of Wilmington yesterday (to have a ceiling light rewired), and decided to take the scenic route back to Southport. State Hwy 133 is not exactly desolate, but it is thinly populated and there are sections where it's simply mile after mile of fenced-in pine plantations (owned, I believe, by some big timber company in Georgia). There are a couple of nice parks, though.

River Walk is located on the Brunswick River near the Wilmington end of Hwy 133. It's pretty substantial.

I don't know what those things in the background are (they look like giant lawn chairs). I believe they're situated at a port facility where the Brunswick River flows into the ocean.

There's also a pretty nature trail. The park is part of a larger area that was once a rice plantation.

Down the road a piece is the Brunswick County Nature Park. Man, they don't call it "low country" for nothing. I'm pretty sure I heard an alligator snoring.

We did encounter one outpost of civilization in the wilderness.

Here's a 10-second history of the settlement of Brunswick, now a colonial ghost town.

And here's some followup on one of the items mentioned above. Looks like, back in the day, some sneaky Spaniards attacked the town.

And finally...

Home again!

Monday, July 16, 2018


The Bolsheviks in the Democratic Party continue to push the Mensheviks to the wall. First, the Sandinista Barrista in New York ousts a long-term establishment donk, and now progressives in California give Diane Feinstein the bird.

"The purge is nearly complete! When Comrade Sanders wakes up from his nap, invite him to come and help us celebrate the fruits of victory!"

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Man's best friend

Certainly the soldier's best friend: "An SAS dog killed one jihadi militant and injured two others, saving a team of SAS soldiers in the process."